“Staycatons” – The Real Test of Resilience

So we’re all doing staycations! This will be the summer of the  holidaying in Ireland. To suddenly ditch the sun, sea and sand for rain, wind and misery will render the nation and me in cold turkey. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t on a plane until I was fifteen, I’m used to the annual […]

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My wife, Michelle accused me recently of being addicted to running I obviously corrected her and said “I’m addicted to getting out of the house away from this madness”. As you can imagine, it didn’t go down well. Runners tend to get used to people thinking they’re weird. The lifestyle and the “Why?” can be […]

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On the “Hedge” of madness!

  School for just one day a week after the summer? Myself and Joe McHugh, the Minister of Education,  are going to fall out.  I’m not happy, I’ve started learning Danish on Duolingo, because we may be forced to emigrate for the sake of my sanity and the kids mental health. “Blended Learning” he called […]

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