Bitching on the Run

Nothing like a good bitching session to cleanse the soul and clear the mind. In a world that’s becoming obsessed with the art of wellness – the benefits of a good bitch and moan is liable to be forgotten. People prefer to keep it a  guilty secret, we all enjoy a good bitching session. Some […]

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Is it rude to ask someone their marathon time?

Is it rude to ask someone their marathon time? In the aftermath of the biggest ever Dublin marathon so many limped, waddled and crawled into work the following week to the inevitable question …. So ….what was your time? And I’d be pretty sure that continued for the rest of the week “I hear you […]

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“Commit to nothing and be distracted by everything” – Tendai Monks

  January 29th  2017  Donald Trump is causing mayhem only 9 days after his inauguration,  Roger Federer beat  Rafal Nadal in the Australian tennis open enroute to his 18th grand slam title, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and British Prime Minister Theresa May held talks at Government Buildings on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union and the impact on Anglo-Irish relations…….. Borris lies in […]

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