Inov-8 Running Shoes, Four Races, One collapse and an Ambulance

Inov-8 Road-X Lite 155 – Running Shoes Injection Moulded Fusion Sole – Provides low profile cushioning whilst encouraging a more natural foot movement to replicate the advantages of running barefoot. ZERO Arrow Shock-Zone – Zero height difference between heel and forefoot means you can’t get closer to the ground with a running shoe. Outer Material: Synthetic Weight – 155 grams.


Its been 2 months since I started running in these runners and I’ve run 4 races, set personal records and ended up in the back of an ambulance after one of them. My first race outing in these runners was Thoroughbred 10 km in Kildare , I broke 40 minutes for the first time and vomited after it proving I pushed myself as hard as possible or maybe this was a warning of things to come.

Next up was the Irish Runner 5 mile in the park, again I ran a personal record (31mins 50 secs). These runners were serving me well. Training was good and my legs felt strong. It was time to up the training mileage in preparation for the marathon in October,  and that’s exactly  what I did. In the meantime I entered the St. James Hospital Liberties fun run – a six km race in aid of the hospital I work in …….. an obvious option that I was looking forward to running.

So as the “race/fun run” approached the slagging and goading started “what time are you going to do?” …… “will you beat so and so? ” But as I’m very mature and run just for the enjoyment I brushed it off and assured my work colleagues I was not competing, I was running it for the craic. Regrettably I am both ridiculously competitive (mostly with myself) and immature.

At the start line I almost had myself convinced It was only a “fun run” and “who needs to beat work colleagues? Who cares?” …. Well when the start gun went I realized I cared ALOT and the inov-8s served me well bringing me to the 1 mile mark in 5mins 38 secs. I was motoring, the weather was sizzling and I felt great. Mile 2 was much the same, a bit slower at 6mins 04 secs but I put that down to a slight incline and powered on. From here on in for the remainder of the 1.75 miles it’s all a bit hazy, my dependable garmin  recorded a 6min 38 sec 3rd mile. I have only 3 distinct memories of  the remaining 0.75 miles – wondering why I was running so strangely but not being able to fix it, meeting my lunch time running partner Noel about 100m from the finish and finally the announcer at the finish line calling for the paramedics and wondering what poor fella that was for …….. 10 mins later I woke up in the back of the ambulance!!!!




MY Excuses – yes it was a midweek evening race, it was hot and I probably hadn’t hydrated and eaten as well I should …… but maybe I ran too quickly. 45 minutes later I was released to the “care” of my wife who was worried my heart was going to decide to pack in as apparently  looked green and wasn’t making much sense. It was a wife enforced visit to the doctor the next day – had the ECG and bloods done and was given the all clear after the weekend.

All good so to return to training and get back running?? yeah absolutely,  but my confidence had taken a huge blow –  why had this happened?? I have run quicker with no ill effects,  was I really OK to get back to a running schedule. So I didn’t, I took it easy and I bloody hated it. i don’t run hard everyday, obviously but I hate doing junk miles because I don’t have a huge amount of spare time to get the mileage in. But I tipped away for a week or two until I just got annoyed and did a toughish interval sessions  ( yasso 800s). All good, so I was back to normal training

The last run I did in the inov8s was the rock and roll half in Dublin,  again my wife Michelle and daughter Molly were at the finish line and i didn’t want to ruin the day by vomiting or fainting (or worse)  so I took it easy and set a limit of nothing quicker than a 4 min 20sec /km pace. I averaged 4min  19sec per km finishing in 1hr 32 min 08 secs –  so not too bad. I’ve enjoyed these runners and set some personal records in them. They feel light and give good feedback on foot-strike. Will i choose to use these in the marathon? Yes I possibly will, if i can salvage them after my wife left them out in the rain for 2 nights because they were smelly apparently. But more pairs of runners to try out first.





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I qualified with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin in 2004. Since graduating I have worked in St. James Hospital Dublin and have worked in all the areas of speciality within the hospital including cardiorespiratory, orthopaedics, rheumatology, care of the elderly, neurology, burns and plastic surgery among others . I have also completed a post graduate certificate in acupuncture in UCD 2009. The Physiotherapy Department in SJH has strong links with Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy students on practice placements and also delivered lectures on the undergraduate academic programme in TCD. I have a keen interest in all sports and currently plays with Cill Dara RFC 1st team squad, and Milltown GAA. I have previously worked as Physiotherapist to Co. Carlow Senior GAA Team, Milltown GAA, Leinster Junior Rugby Team and Cill Dara RFC. I am an experienced runner and competed in the Dublin City Marathon in 2002. I continue to participate in running events and multisport disciplines such as Gaelforce West, Gaelforce North and the Motivate Challenge. I have a particular interest in strength and conditioning. I utilise this knowledge of resistance training in the treatment of his clients. I am committed to continuous learning and development in order to ensure the optimal level of care is offered to my clients, and with this in mind I am currently undertaking a certification in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) with the NSCA.

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  1. It’s good to do strong one after a race that leaves you in doubt.i still can’t get last years marathon out of my head and has me terrified for this year!!!! Take your recovery and cuddles from Molly should be top of list….it’s their little faces at the end that inspire!!! Safe running.

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