Do I get what I pay for??

I have a problem. I surf the internet, I know all the best sites and like someone with something to hide I always remember to clear the history when I’m finished.   But my wife always knows, she can smell the guilt, I will give the obligatory denial…….. But she knows, I’ve done it again, I’ve bought another pair of runners!

The Runners I bought in 2014
The Runners I bought in 2014

I have a shoe fetish, I don’t have a budget for runners – I don’t like to limit myself. It’s safe to say last year’s spending on runners would have covered a family holiday. It was only when I was asked by my wife to throw out some runners (no chance of me doing this) that I realized how many pairs I have bought in the last calendar year – 10 pairs …….. Well that’s all I’m admitting to, my wife does read this.

Why do I buy so many runners? I am fascinated by the potential for improvement in my running without doing more training (aren’t we all). Will this particular pair help me be better, be faster, I am an advertising dream. I have minimalist runners, racing flats and neutral cushioned runners. If I take the minimalist runners – I have 3 pairs because they have been proven to make you  significantly more economical than traditionally runners (Perl et al., 2012), I alternate these with neutral cushioned runners for comfort for my longer runs.

I have memories associated with runners, the miles logged, thoughts had, problems I have worked through, people I have met. Bad runs in a particular pair of runners get stored as learning experience – beta testing, and good runs get stored as aspirations for the future. It’s the weirdest relationship I have ever had.

But do I get value for my average investment of 90-100 euro per pair? Am I less likely to get injured, be more comfortable because I buy “well made”, expensive, branded runners that suit my running speed (slow), my weight? They are better??? Aren’t they? A review of the relevant literature would suggest they are not. In fact low to medium-cost running shoes have been found to be as comfortable as more expensive models (Clinghan et al., 2008). But at least by spending more money on my runners I am protecting myself against injury???? ……. No seemingly not (Lieberman et al., 2010; Goss & Gross, 2012)

So my next pair will be yellow pack runners from a department store just to see, and my wife will have the pleasure of picking them with a budget of 25-30 euro. This is an experiment in going cold turkey – because I admit I have issues. I am already nervous – anxious about injury, about not believing in them enough and being able to use them as an excuse. Amazon, sport shoes direct and all my other favourites I will return soon I hope…………


Barry Kehoe MISCP CSCS


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