Young people marched en masse inspired by Greta. The child led uprising has unprecedented momentum and is happening on a global scale. Generation Z is on the move rebelling against “Inevitable extinction”, wearing the latest Nike and adidas runners whilst documenting everything on the newest iPhone and uploading it to every available social media outlet – “get it up on Insta” –  keeping football fields of energy guzzling database centres buzzing. And as a celebration after their heartfelt campaign they order a “Vegan Meal” using a trendy app because eating meat is “like, OMG, so bad for the environment”. After finishing and dumping the hoards of plastic that comes with a takeaway they decide  which summer festival they’ll hit and leave a mass of tents and rubbish behind. The reality is these young environmental crusaders   rely on a multitude of extravagances that require resources, production, infrastructure and  run on energy that is all nature altering. They are hypocrites.  George Monbiot possibly put it best “Hypocrisy is the gap between your aspirations and your actions”. So in reality we are all hypocrites, it’s just a matter of what sort and on what scale. I am a hypocrite and so are you. Its the foggy mist of hypocrisy that allows us to exist peacefully, the pretence of the difference between what we think we believe and our reality. Stable marriages are built on it. We all believe in telling the truth,  we are committed to it, but we are rarely strong enough to live up to our own expectations  Like when we talk about hair – Michelle assures me my “balding” has slowed and I ignore that she spends a fortune on hers every six weeks.

wolfSo its time to end the pretence and come clean, running is not the cheap, easy, natural exercise option some would  convince you it is. When You first start running you’ll buy a cheap pair of runners, pop some comfortable tracksuit bottoms on and trot out the door powered by self – discipline and the hope of keeping the belly under control. But it won’t stay that simple. Soon you won’t be happy with one pair of runners you’ll want three. And it won’t stop there – you’ll need a watch that will count steps, has a GPS, measures heart rate all day and monitors sleep patterns – Its not cheap. So off you’ll trot in search of the elusive “runners high” that runners have persuaded you exists. They advise you that “you’ll know when it happens” and “you’ll never forget your first time”. The reality is half of them are lying and have been faking it. The final revelation of this hypocrisy cleanse is that you won’t always feel better after a run, sometimes its shite ……… and that’s ok. So sometimes hypocrisy isn’t a bad thing because it inspires aspirations that make us try, whether that be to live more environmentally ethically or run a marathon – “ every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” JFK.

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I qualified with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin in 2004. Since graduating I have worked in St. James Hospital Dublin and have worked in all the areas of speciality within the hospital including cardiorespiratory, orthopaedics, rheumatology, care of the elderly, neurology, burns and plastic surgery among others . I have also completed a post graduate certificate in acupuncture in UCD 2009. The Physiotherapy Department in SJH has strong links with Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy students on practice placements and also delivered lectures on the undergraduate academic programme in TCD. I have a keen interest in all sports and currently plays with Cill Dara RFC 1st team squad, and Milltown GAA. I have previously worked as Physiotherapist to Co. Carlow Senior GAA Team, Milltown GAA, Leinster Junior Rugby Team and Cill Dara RFC. I am an experienced runner and competed in the Dublin City Marathon in 2002. I continue to participate in running events and multisport disciplines such as Gaelforce West, Gaelforce North and the Motivate Challenge. I have a particular interest in strength and conditioning. I utilise this knowledge of resistance training in the treatment of his clients. I am committed to continuous learning and development in order to ensure the optimal level of care is offered to my clients, and with this in mind I am currently undertaking a certification in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) with the NSCA.

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  1. Running is an oil intensive sport. Almost all of our clothing and gear is made from oil, and how much of this gear gets recycled?
    Then there is all of the trash from races. It’s unbelievable.
    We’re all hypocrites, and we’re all sinners. At least some people are willing to try.
    Things are changing though some solutions may have their own unintended consequences or just not really work.
    Lately, I’ve become disillusioned with recycling. A lot of what we recycle ends up being burned or buried in landfills. So why bother?
    With a better idea of what the issues are with recycling I’ve made changes and don’t try to recycle everything.
    Awareness of a problem is the first step to addressing it. These kids are certainly raising our awareness.

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