Relief from Covid-19 Claustophobia.

Having closed my physiotherapy clinic for  the foreseeable future as a precaution due to covid 19  on Thursday of last week, I’ve been hired by my eight year old Molly as her home educator. It’s an unpaid position, no perks  other than hardship.  But  there was an interview process and I was appointed. I also […]

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Running through the Coronavirus.

The Paris marathon is postponed, Tokyo marathon was limited to elite runners and wheelchair athletes,  and the mass participation in  other spring marathons is in jeopardy. As of March 2nd the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) have stated that the famous Boston Marathon will proceed as planned on 20th April 2020.  The situation unfolding with coronavirus […]

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Conversation is at the Centre of Community

There are a number of things that are unique about Ireland –  the national anthem is still played to end nights  in regional nightclubs across the country, “I’ll ring liveline” is a valid threat and we are all amateur meteorologists. But arguably, the Irish ability to  chat is just about as unique as it gets, […]

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