The silent, constant companion.

  Our Dog died last week. Nev was a fifteen year old Golden retriever. He died like he did all things in life, quietly and with no fuss. But it shocked me how quickly 15 years had passed. We got him in 2005, the year Facebook first spread into universities on this side of the […]

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Decisions…. decisions ….

The beauty of a school uniform is that it removes the decision making process, now my eight year old still negotiates about the choice of shoes but her options are limited. I’m pretty sure it’s not as withering as negotiating daily about a full outfit. On  any given day most of us have to make […]

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Spot the gap in the fence this Christmas.

Its only two weeks until your entire family and in laws gather for Christmas and tell you that running is bad for your knees, just take solace in the fact that, creaky though your joints may be, you will be able to bend and put flowers on their coffin.   My main worry this Christmas is […]

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