The Data Dilemma

Blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds (physiotherapist) 2, 3, 13, 20, 732, these numbers mean something to me but what do they mean to you?  At this time of the year with an influx of gadgetry and discussion of fitness at every corner, numbers are thrown out as readily as last years Christmas decorations but taken by […]

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“Gympocalypse Now” ….. won’t lengthen your life.

Gympocalypse has started. The gym has the atmosphere of a sweaty brawl in an overpacked pub. Walking on the footpaths and you’ll find yourself dodging some red-faced joggers struggling because they have over-cooked their debut into running. The January penance is in full bloom as we try to flagellate ourselves for the hedonism of a […]

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’tis the season for forced family fun ……

Carols, gifts, open fires, scrooge, stockings, stuffing, mulled wine, turkey and tinsel are all Christmas traditions, but what really  defines Christmas is the annual Christmas family row. Sharing the same house, the same bathroom and having to put up with young children galloping around the place causes  family disharmony – screaming and tears and often […]

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