The Miracle Drug

It’s a prescription like no other. It should be taken at least once daily and restocked as often as necessary – it has unlimited refills. It can protect your joints; prevent falls, premature death, cardiovascular disease, ischemic stroke, type 2 diabetes, some colon and breast cancers, and even depression (Carlson et al., 2015). There are […]

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Cultivating a Culture

Courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP A few days ago to blow off some Electric picnic related mental fog I went for a wander on Howth head. I can’t really call it exercise, I was sloth like. My legs were sore and stiff, I  had clocked up nearly 60,000 steps in the preceding days, walking, standing and […]

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“Nanny States” sugar tax is a waste of time!

Tuesday,  May 1st was heralded by the Irish Heart Foundation as the most significant day yet in the fight against childhood obesity in Ireland. Last week a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks came into force after years of planning. While it is Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe who will get the credit – or the criticism […]

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