Hard work keeps us sane!

In this nauseating “new normal” there’s nothing typical about spending so much time with our families, so much of my lockdown has been spent trying to come up with ideas that would allow me to spend time away from them. Don’t misunderstand me I enjoy their company but not all day, every day, we all […]

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My kids are gone feral, and I have cliché fatigue!

At this stage my kids are gone feral, my wife is pulling her hair out, which now has a grey tinge and apparently has to be washed every day. Long socially distanced queues have become a fact of life, predicted grades are discussed daily by Joe Duffy on liveline ,  a pint in a cosy […]

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Lean into the Unpredictable.

The only thing worse than having a contrary,  stressed leaving cert student  in a house at the minute is living with a cantankerous leaving cert teacher who’s trying to predict the students  grades! I’m married to a teacher. The hopes and dreams of so many lie  in the hands of their former allies, their teachers, […]

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