Mine is long and curved, and indispensable.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some are long but others are short and stocky. Some even have lumps and bumps. Mine is long and curved from wear and overuse, and my wife cringes when I take it out in the sitting room and she has to listen to moans and groans.  But my […]

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The minimilist life

I need some life editing.  There has been a powerful consumer drive in me for most of my life with the result that I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” – possessions that I didn’t really need and still don’t. Now don’t get me wrong I have worked hard to buy these things but cleaning […]

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Running from “The Fear”

“The fear” is a uniquely Irish phenomenon. It’s a sense of impending doom having overindulged in drinking alcohol the night before. The feeling of extreme remorse for things you may or may not have said or done . Your skin feels like some else’s and the regular flashbacks are only  punctuated by chronic sighing. Head […]

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