Game Face

Blog courtesy of physiotherapist Joanne Dowds The eyes might be the window to the soul but the face can be a mirror to your thought processes or emotional state. Up to 70% of communication happens in body language and posture, as humans we are hard wired to pick up non visual ques, regardless of what […]

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Running to ZEN

Sometimes it’s nice to be mindless when running, allowing the thoughts to wander. No phone, no work, no kids and no housework for a couple of hours. In a deadline driven world running is the gap in the fence that allows us time to get lost in a podcast or listen to some music while […]

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Running with your arms?

Run long enough and the sport shapes us. Running moulds the human form in ways both beautiful (on which I’m still waiting) and grotesque. A runners legs get all the attention, the upper body gets little consideration. But how we hold our arms affects how we run probably in ways we don’t expect. This is […]

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