Lean into the Unpredictable.

The only thing worse than having a contrary,  stressed leaving cert student  in a house at the minute is living with a cantankerous leaving cert teacher who’s trying to predict the students  grades! I’m married to a teacher. The hopes and dreams of so many lie  in the hands of their former allies, their teachers, […]

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Decisions…. decisions ….

The beauty of a school uniform is that it removes the decision making process, now my eight year old still negotiates about the choice of shoes but her options are limited. I’m pretty sure it’s not as withering as negotiating daily about a full outfit. On  any given day most of us have to make […]

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Bitching on the Run

Nothing like a good bitching session to cleanse the soul and clear the mind. In a world that’s becoming obsessed with the art of wellness – the benefits of a good bitch and moan is liable to be forgotten. People prefer to keep it a  guilty secret, we all enjoy a good bitching session. Some […]

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