The minimilist life

I need some life editing.  There has been a powerful consumer drive in me for most of my life with the result that I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” – possessions that I didn’t really need and still don’t. Now don’t get me wrong I have worked hard to buy these things but cleaning […]

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Running from “The Fear”

“The fear” is a uniquely Irish phenomenon. It’s a sense of impending doom having overindulged in drinking alcohol the night before. The feeling of extreme remorse for things you may or may not have said or done . Your skin feels like some else’s and the regular flashbacks are only  punctuated by chronic sighing. Head […]

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Slave to STRAVA

Why are we so willing to put our lives on display. The “Selfie” is the new standard symbol of our narcissistic self-obsession, fascinated with our own image. Constantly in search of digital affirmation to combat negative self-talk and insecurities. Social media has fed us a constant barrage of the unrealistic expectation of perfection.   STRAVA is […]

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