The “Nanny State” …. Collective well-being!

Do you ever just drive and forget to put on your seatbelt? My car doesn’t make that annoying beeping sound to remind me, but I usually have two incessant “beep-beeps” behind me that are champions of road safety and remind me to  buckle up. But I didn’t have them with me last Monday evening as […]

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Running from a “Midlife Crisis”

Runners tend to get used to people thinking they’re weird. The lifestyle and the “Why?” can be baffling for non-runners. They find the  embracing of suffering, the punishing of the body   and self-discipline all too strange and difficult to grasp. So like other runners I take the funny remarks and the jibes in my stride. […]

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“Not having rules or a system is a system in itself”

Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds (clinical specialist physiotherapist, St James Hospital) Being out of your comfort zone doesn’t feel good. Low tone buzzing in the ears, a bit of lightheadness,   increased  muscle tension increase in your heart rate and breathing. There’s are physiological reasons for those physical symptoms, priming you to be on alert, aiming […]

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