Stop taking yourself so seriously!

There is the stereotype that if y­ou’re a runner, you’re the type of person who celebrates all forms of healthy living. They say you treat your body like a temple. Now some runners have a habit of taking training—or ourselves—very, very seriously. Any pursuit – career, music or sports— can lend itself to be taken […]

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Can you avoid the quick fixes of the “wellness” industry?

Is “wellness” a term or a state of mind dreamt up by the annoying “smashed avocado” flat white drinking millennials. It’s a fashionable term  for an elusive state that is constantly strived for but is it ever achieved. Is it just a way of abdicating the responsibility for the state of our health. There was […]

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“A dog is the best way of guaranteeing exercise”

Courtesy of Jonne Dowds Pysiotherapist A wise man once told me that having a dog is the best way of guaranteeing exercise, the bigger the dog, the better, his reasoning was that larger dogs need more exercising. Generally dogs need 30mins to 2 hrs of exercise a day depending on size, age and breed which […]

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