The minimilist life

I need some life editing.  There has been a powerful consumer drive in me for most of my life with the result that I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” – possessions that I didn’t really need and still don’t. Now don’t get me wrong I have worked hard to buy these things but cleaning […]

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Slave to STRAVA

Why are we so willing to put our lives on display. The “Selfie” is the new standard symbol of our narcissistic self-obsession, fascinated with our own image. Constantly in search of digital affirmation to combat negative self-talk and insecurities. Social media has fed us a constant barrage of the unrealistic expectation of perfection.   STRAVA is […]

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Meditation is more than the latest millennial fad.

Don’t mess with a “millennials” avocado toast. For some this “avocado toast” represents everything that’s wrong with this Instagram obsessed generation. But all that millennials bring may not all be bad, in seeking to restore order and balance to their tech besotted lives millennials have embraced Meditation. It has become nearly as trendy as smashed […]

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