Change is inevitable …. but it’s not easy.

It feels uncomfortable, unnatural and strange. Most will resist but the reality is that one of the only constants in life is change. People, circumstances and things change. It can be small, big, subtle or sudden and it is often a consequence rather than a choice. New ideas are often smothered by complacency, inertia and […]

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Anyone for “Runch”

It was the Champagne lunch of business; it was the jaunty venue where business got done – a four hour sales pitch. For decades, those who wanted to climb the corporate ladder had to be seen on the golf course. Young ambitious executives were told to “pick up golf” as a way to rise quickly […]

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Happiness is ……

Guest Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP I love sharing bits of info that I have picked up and this past week was particularly full. As part of a diploma I am currently doing, I touched on the science behind happiness… it was news to me that we all have a happiness set point, an […]

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