Cramping Your Style

It’s an involuntary contraction that can happen at the worst and most inappropriate times, but it can be awkward and often impossible to try and hide it. Its unpredictable and spontaneous, I often have to make strange manoeuvres when in public in order to conceal it and sometimes I need my wife’s help to get […]

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“Hell is – other people”………

  “Hell is – other people” comes from Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous one-act play “No Exit” (1944). We are all afraid of being judged negatively by others, even if no one else is present; we still have an outstanding sense of the presence of others. None of us exist in a vacuum or in complete isolation from […]

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“je ne regrette rien”

Guest blog courtesy of Joanne dowds MISCP Sorting through pictures for the obligatory memory book for my sister’s hen when I came across a picture of the two of us after finishing a colour run; it sparked a pang of something, maybe its just jealousy, sibling rivalry is alive and well even in adulthood –she […]

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