There’s a limited number of places to hide in a standard 3 bed semi, and I’ve been in all of them. The obvious place to head would be the bathroom, just lock the door and hide away for 5 minutes peace. But  it isn’t an option, all the  locks from toilets had to be removed […]

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Relief from Covid-19 Claustophobia.

Having closed my physiotherapy clinic for  the foreseeable future as a precaution due to covid 19  on Thursday of last week, I’ve been hired by my eight year old Molly as her home educator. It’s an unpaid position, no perks  other than hardship.  But  there was an interview process and I was appointed. I also […]

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Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds (physiotherapist) I am just finishing up a course…yup another one…perennial student yadayada. As part of the most recent academic adventure, I did a piece of work on social capital. It was a new one on me. Social capital is the networks and relationships between people who live or work together, […]

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