“Gympocalypse Now” ….. won’t lengthen your life.

Gympocalypse has started. The gym has the atmosphere of a sweaty brawl in an overpacked pub. Walking on the footpaths and you’ll find yourself dodging some red-faced joggers struggling because they have over-cooked their debut into running. The January penance is in full bloom as we try to flagellate ourselves for the hedonism of a […]

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Don’t fake it!

Most of us  focus on the physical reactions— the rush of blood , the tightening muscles , even the involuntary contractions, the grunts and groans, the heavy breathing — as the signs of it. While psychologists look to the emotional and cognitive changes that accompany it,  the blast of  dopamine to the brain may even cause […]

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“Healing Nature”

As we continue to destroy the world’s natural systems we are beginning to recognize the rippling consequences on our own health. We spend much of our time confined, enclosed in vehicles, offices and schools, shuttled from one indoor activity to another – sometimes without even glancing up from a handheld screen. We panic at the […]

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