It’s easy to have an opinion.

Judging other parents is like flatulence: we all do it, but none of us will admit to it. So let’s just be honest, every parent judges every other parent. Parenting is something most of us experience, and even if we don’t experience it directly, we observe it. We all believe we’re experts at it, but […]

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“Listen to everyone, follow no one”

The title ‘Runner’ is both a nice thing and a nuisance for people who have it. Once someone describes another person as a runner, or even when someone introduces somebody as a runner, certain expectations follow. Runners are perceived as a group of annoying, over-achieving, energetic, positive thinkers who want nothing more than to recruit […]

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“Listen to your heart”

The head is the home of analysis, logic and thought. It’s where things are reasoned, lists of “pros” and “cons” are made and it establishes the rationale to stay in a safe comfort zone.  The heart is the where our intuition lives, our “true identity”. The signals of the heart can guide life choices provided […]

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