We are all lopsided

What you think you look like while running and what you actually look like are two very different things. Unless constantly running alongside a full-length mirror, it’s impossible to notice the nuances of a running pattern. In life we love symmetry, equilibrium and balance. There is beauty in proportion, and it’s found throughout nature – a […]

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Exploring the Unknown Solution

Guest blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP To get better a running, you need to run, but that’s nearly too simple. Mixing in strength training helps prevent injury; speed training helps built towards the finish line. But what if there is a third way, trying something new or unexpected with unknown results;  innovation.  If you […]

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Tapering Madness!

The sufferer will become withdrawn and uncommunicative, but still at the same time “whiny”. This is the first sign that the plague may be upon them.  She answers the simplest questions with a shout that she’s “not feeling well”. There may well be sniffles at this point. She’s convinced that nobody has suffered like this… […]

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