Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds (physiotherapist) I am just finishing up a course…yup another one…perennial student yadayada. As part of the most recent academic adventure, I did a piece of work on social capital. It was a new one on me. Social capital is the networks and relationships between people who live or work together, […]

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Politics is just a race.

As the leaders of the political parties butt heads for the next couple of weeks in the build up to these elections it’s funny how their campaigns share similarities with training and running a race . We could use the analogy of a five kilometre to describe the elections. Like running a road race you […]

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The silent, constant companion.

  Our Dog died last week. Nev was a fifteen year old Golden retriever. He died like he did all things in life, quietly and with no fuss. But it shocked me how quickly 15 years had passed. We got him in 2005, the year Facebook first spread into universities on this side of the […]

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