Young people marched en masse inspired by Greta. The child led uprising has unprecedented momentum and is happening on a global scale. Generation Z is on the move rebelling against “Inevitable extinction”, wearing the latest Nike and adidas runners whilst documenting everything on the newest iPhone and uploading it to every available social media outlet […]

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Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds (clinical specialist physiotherapist, yoga teacher and whiskey enthusiast) This week, the last full week in September, marks the autumn equinox, when night and day are balanced in perfectly equal length. This means it is definitely by any definition of it, autumn. Autumn the season for pulling in, for lighting fires, […]

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Don’t Tense Up!

The capacity to hold it at threshold without panicking  is vital for a good performance, but blinded by the lust some tend  to blow up prematurely. The feeling of excitement starts  with butterflies in the stomach, then the sweating, heavy breathing and racing heart all kick in . These jitters are natural, but even for […]

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