My wife, Michelle accused me recently of being addicted to running I obviously corrected her and said “I’m addicted to getting out of the house away from this madness”. As you can imagine, it didn’t go down well. Runners tend to get used to people thinking they’re weird. The lifestyle and the “Why?” can be […]

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Prune Your Back Garden

  Pruning your bush while naked is dangerous but people still do it . Most of us use our back gardens just to  build the standard back yard extensions or sheds, have the odd BBQ and at most get partially naked during a rare heatwave when we’re worried about our tan lines. If you do […]

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The Bog Roll Jump

I’m lucky, I’m not going to complain as I write this on a Thursday evening, two glasses of wine deep reflecting on the past week. I’m conscious that my former and potentially future colleagues, my  friends and my family members working within the HSE would love to have the opportunity I’ve had in the last […]

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