Mine is long and curved, and indispensable.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some are long but others are short and stocky. Some even have lumps and bumps. Mine is long and curved from wear and overuse, and my wife cringes when I take it out in the sitting room and she has to listen to moans and groans.  But my […]

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Running your first marathon is like giving birth!

Running your first marathon is like giving birth … well mine was. Now, I have never actually given birth, but I have experienced it by proxy. I’ve been in the room and it looked excruciating. Once you’ve completed your first race people start to ask if and when you’ll run a marathon “But have you […]

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It’s Free!!

Life seems meaningless, everything is bleak, and you have a complete existential dilemma over the complete pointlessness of your chosen career path……. It comes down like a thick fog, disconnecting the brain from the eyes and hands. Work slows to a halt, concentration dwindles and yawns are half hidden. The natural body clock is saying, “Sleep, now!” […]

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