Chasing your Valintine.

Peter Bakus, in a paper entitled “Why I don’t have a girlfriend” written when he was a PhD student of the Economics department at the University of Warwick,  used his academic knowledge to rate his chances  of finding love. He used The Drake equation, one of astronomy’s most famous attempts to answer the question: Are […]

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Farting on demand.

I have a 4 year old, Paddy, who loves to fart. They are a daily commotion. After popping him to bed this evening he called me back in. Somehow in the space of four seconds he had  managed  to disrobe, assume an overturned triangle position and  succeeded in blasting one out just as I pushed […]

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“Gympocalypse Now” ….. won’t lengthen your life.

Gympocalypse has started. The gym has the atmosphere of a sweaty brawl in an overpacked pub. Walking on the footpaths and you’ll find yourself dodging some red-faced joggers struggling because they have over-cooked their debut into running. The January penance is in full bloom as we try to flagellate ourselves for the hedonism of a […]

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