“the bodies mechanic, driver, petrol pump attendant and passenger all rolled into one”

Blog courtesy of physiotherapist and Yoga teacher Joanne Dowds I was in Morocco recently, I had a great time. It is beautiful and warm, not too far away flight wise yet culturally extremely different.  I had a great time; but….I was surprised how I was objectified as a woman, yet not physically see many local […]

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Joggers and runners can be insufferably smug, as they run around town in lycra that’s so tight its cutting the blood flow to their feet, believing they’re superior beings as they exercise pretentiously in full public view. For some the stench of “ self-righteousness” off  Tweets at 7.30am  – “ great run this morning, felt […]

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Late Blooming Daddy Bodies.

It may be fair to say that running favours the young, many believe that sporting achievement can only come with youth. But beneath the middle aged, curved and softly -rounded  daddy and mammy bodies may be lurking the hidden talents of a late bloomer. Hiding between the love handles of middle age comfort could be […]

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