The Bog Roll Jump

I’m lucky, I’m not going to complain as I write this on a Thursday evening, two glasses of wine deep reflecting on the past week. I’m conscious that my former and potentially future colleagues, my  friends and my family members working within the HSE would love to have the opportunity I’ve had in the last […]

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“Nice” is to be “Beige”

Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP. During the long stretch into the new year, I went for lunch with 2 practically lifelong friends, the type where if doesn’t matter that we haven’t met in a few years, conversation gets picked where it was left off last time. Lets call them friend A and friend B. […]

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Exploring the Unknown Solution

Guest blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP To get better a running, you need to run, but that’s nearly too simple. Mixing in strength training helps prevent injury; speed training helps built towards the finish line. But what if there is a third way, trying something new or unexpected with unknown results;  innovation.  If you […]

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