“Nice” is to be “Beige”

Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP. During the long stretch into the new year, I went for lunch with 2 practically lifelong friends, the type where if doesn’t matter that we haven’t met in a few years, conversation gets picked where it was left off last time. Lets call them friend A and friend B. […]

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Exploring the Unknown Solution

Guest blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP To get better a running, you need to run, but that’s nearly too simple. Mixing in strength training helps prevent injury; speed training helps built towards the finish line. But what if there is a third way, trying something new or unexpected with unknown results;  innovation.  If you […]

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Dear Car Driver

Dear Car Driver, I imagine that unless you’re a runner, it is quite difficult for you to understand what it’s like run on the open road – It is a vulnerable place, trotting along a road while vehicles that outweigh you by several tonnes whizz by, with limited or no escape routes.  I know, you the driver, […]

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