“Go Dutch”

Brandy Young, a second-grade teacher in Godley elementary, Texas, let parents know on Tuesday 16th August 2016 at the  “Meet the Teacher” night that she would not be assigning any homework to their 6 year olds for the entire school year. “There will be no formally assigned homework this year,” Ms. Young wrote in a […]

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It’s easy to have an opinion.

Judging other parents is like flatulence: we all do it, but none of us will admit to it. So let’s just be honest, every parent judges every other parent. Parenting is something most of us experience, and even if we don’t experience it directly, we observe it. We all believe we’re experts at it, but […]

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Ireland the fittest nation in the world?? …. Maybe not

Having evaluated the data from over 23.2 million Fitbit wearers around the world last year, Fitbit has ranked Ireland at the top of their 2017 Fitbit Fittest Countries list. So Fitbit says Ireland is the fittest nation in the world……..but we are in our fat arses! Because technology is now wearable it allows sleep quality, the […]

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