The value of a really good coach.

Courtesy of guest blogger Joanne Dowds MISCP I am sitting with my laptop on my knee while watching the bakeoff. It’s changed, I was fully prepared to hate it but I don’t.  It is changed, little bit racier, different, but I still love it. Change is hard. Some thrive in the uncertainty, but most find […]

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Talk to Joe ……..let it go!

Guilty pleasures, we all have them. These are the things we shouldn’t like, but we love to do. They are the things we do but don’t talk about to anyone. The fact is that no person my age (35 years) would ever willingly admit to my guilty pleasure, yet hundreds of thousands of people do […]

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Routines are too conventional?

We walk, drive, bus or train the same route to get to work, we pick up “the usual” coffee en- route, we arrive to work at the same time every day, sit at the same desk, take our breaks and lunch at the same time every day with or without the same people and usually […]

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