Running through the Coronavirus.

The Paris marathon is postponed, Tokyo marathon was limited to elite runners and wheelchair athletes,  and the mass participation in  other spring marathons is in jeopardy. As of March 2nd the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) have stated that the famous Boston Marathon will proceed as planned on 20th April 2020.  The situation unfolding with coronavirus […]

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The “Begrudgery” of rivalry.

Do you have a nemesis? Most of us come across someone who rubs us up the wrong way, in all walks of our life there’s always somebody that causes an unexplained irritation. Everybody needs a rival to hate.  Not in the nasty sense, but rather in the “boil our blood” kind of way. There’s an […]

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The Fear of being Idle

“It’s just so boring”…… Non Runners sometimes dismiss running as a tedious, dreary pursuit. Sometimes running isn’t fun, even when running in a group, the weekly long run is a monotonous affair because after fourteen or fifteen miles there’s very little chat. It can be challenging, sickening and painful but it’s never something I would […]

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