The “Begrudgery” of rivalry.

Do you have a nemesis? Most of us come across someone who rubs us up the wrong way, in all walks of our life there’s always somebody that causes an unexplained irritation. Everybody needs a rival to hate.  Not in the nasty sense, but rather in the “boil our blood” kind of way. There’s an […]

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The Fear of being Idle

“It’s just so boring”…… Non Runners sometimes dismiss running as a tedious, dreary pursuit. Sometimes running isn’t fun, even when running in a group, the weekly long run is a monotonous affair because after fourteen or fifteen miles there’s very little chat. It can be challenging, sickening and painful but it’s never something I would […]

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Running your first marathon is like giving birth!

Running your first marathon is like giving birth … well mine was. Now, I have never actually given birth, but I have experienced it by proxy. I’ve been in the room and it looked excruciating. Once you’ve completed your first race people start to ask if and when you’ll run a marathon “But have you […]

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