The Data Dilemma

Blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds (physiotherapist) 2, 3, 13, 20, 732, these numbers mean something to me but what do they mean to you?  At this time of the year with an influx of gadgetry and discussion of fitness at every corner, numbers are thrown out as readily as last years Christmas decorations but taken by […]

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Stop taking yourself so seriously!

There is the stereotype that if y­ou’re a runner, you’re the type of person who celebrates all forms of healthy living. They say you treat your body like a temple. Now some runners have a habit of taking training—or ourselves—very, very seriously. Any pursuit – career, music or sports— can lend itself to be taken […]

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Running with your arms?

Run long enough and the sport shapes us. Running moulds the human form in ways both beautiful (on which I’m still waiting) and grotesque. A runners legs get all the attention, the upper body gets little consideration. But how we hold our arms affects how we run probably in ways we don’t expect. This is […]

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