The First Pancake

Some things are inevitable, no matter how hard you try or how many different ways you attempt it, the first pancake is always destined to fail. It’s never round, Its uglier than the rest, chewier and burnt on one side. Miles are like pancakes – the first one is always a disaster. The first mile […]

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Barefoot and grounded at three.

Trying to explain that walking around the town barefoot is socially unacceptable is lost on  Paddy, my boisterous 3 year old. He is happily unaware of the judgement of other people and leaves me to worry about that. We are culturally conditioned to cover our feet, but maybe If we had freedom from social pressure […]

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Everybody has their favourite position.

I just want to find a position that I’m able to do it in and that doesn’t hurt. Most people have a preferred position, some are strange, others more orthodox, some just like to stay still and more like to move nonstop. But sleeping position preference changes as we age (De Koninck et al., 1992) […]

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