’tis the season for forced family fun ……

Carols, gifts, open fires, scrooge, stockings, stuffing, mulled wine, turkey and tinsel are all Christmas traditions, but what really  defines Christmas is the annual Christmas family row. Sharing the same house, the same bathroom and having to put up with young children galloping around the place causes  family disharmony – screaming and tears and often […]

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Be a Helper.

Blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP. Diversifying my physical activity, I went sea kayaking with my sister last the weekend.  I’ve been a few times before and I thought it would be fun way to see a part of Dublin I don’t normally explore. For my sister (not the triathlete, I have 4, this one […]

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We are all lopsided

What you think you look like while running and what you actually look like are two very different things. Unless constantly running alongside a full-length mirror, it’s impossible to notice the nuances of a running pattern. In life we love symmetry, equilibrium and balance. There is beauty in proportion, and it’s found throughout nature – a […]

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