Make, create and fix …….. get out of the office!

Making, creating and fixing were once the foundation of our economy. As consumers, most of us no longer make things, we buy them; we don’t fix things, but replace them instead. It has become so hard to be self-reliant, and this learned helplessness has left us bereft of “individual agency” – this is the experience […]

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The Gimmicks

They come and go – fidget spinners, hula hoops, the Atkins diet……… A gimmick or fad is a new-fangled device or idea designed primarily to attract attention and increase appeal, but it often has little value. We now barely get to grips with the latest fad before a next craze is released, guaranteed to always offer […]

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Anyone for “Runch”

It was the Champagne lunch of business; it was the jaunty venue where business got done – a four hour sales pitch. For decades, those who wanted to climb the corporate ladder had to be seen on the golf course. Young ambitious executives were told to “pick up golf” as a way to rise quickly […]

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