We are all lopsided

What you think you look like while running and what you actually look like are two very different things. Unless constantly running alongside a full-length mirror, it’s impossible to notice the nuances of a running pattern. In life we love symmetry, equilibrium and balance. There is beauty in proportion, and it’s found throughout nature – a […]

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Exercise for Perspective

Courtesy Of Joanne Dowds MISCP Taking a break from putting Ikea furniture together, I sit on the floor surveying my house.  This is the last piece of furniture, the place is technically now fully furnished. It is a long way from 2 camp chairs with bin bags for curtains. This final push included emotionally blackmailing […]

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Even “Nice” people cheat

Nice people don’t cheat… no they do, they just don’t get caught. We are all capable of unethical behaviour, we consider the profit it may bring, the possibility of being caught and the scale of possible punishment.  We are more likely to cheat when we can benefit more from it, when there is no witnesses […]

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