Cramping Your Style

It’s an involuntary contraction that can happen at the worst and most inappropriate times, but it can be awkward and often impossible to try and hide it. Its unpredictable and spontaneous, I often have to make strange manoeuvres when in public in order to conceal it and sometimes I need my wife’s help to get […]

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MEET the “Millennials”

Do you know your Baby Boomers from your Millennials? When each generation begins and ends is debateable, but at least we can all agree that millennials are the worst. But what is a Millennial? The millennials are part of a generation of people that were born approximately between the years of 1984 and 2004……they are accused of […]

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Running with the kids.

Children are hardwired to learn by imitation (Jones, 2009) People may assume that children are naturally energetic and require little encouragement. But in fact British research suggests that parent’s activity levels may have a direct influence on how active ,or not , their children are (Hesketh et al., 2014). So rather than criticise, or even take joy in your Childs ability to sit in front of a screen maybe reflect on where this behaviour is learnt and take responsibility for changing it by setting example. Run to earn your coffee and newspaper!

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