Don’t Tense Up!

The capacity to hold it at threshold without panicking  is vital for a good performance, but blinded by the lust some tend  to blow up prematurely. The feeling of excitement starts  with butterflies in the stomach, then the sweating, heavy breathing and racing heart all kick in . These jitters are natural, but even for […]

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The Fear of being Idle

“It’s just so boring”…… Non Runners sometimes dismiss running as a tedious, dreary pursuit. Sometimes running isn’t fun, even when running in a group, the weekly long run is a monotonous affair because after fourteen or fifteen miles there’s very little chat. It can be challenging, sickening and painful but it’s never something I would […]

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Women can “smell” what you’ve been doing.

Women are sniffers. Women smell everything, and the universal response from the man in their life is “I don’t smell anything”.   My wife can usually tell what I’ve been doing by my odor. What I’ve eaten,  where I’ve been , who I’ve met is all downloaded and analysed in one sniff. So I’m engaged in […]

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