What is a “Burps” favourite colour??

Blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP For a few weeks earlier this month I spent some time with my very nicest friend and her lovely family in Toronto before a short hop down the coast to Boston meandering around for a couple of days with another lovely pal. Dropping into somewhere I don’t know and […]

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“You’ll go blind if you keep doing that”

Old wives’ tales are a type of superstition, clever sayings meant to pass along wise advice. But if all of the dire consequences threatened by these tales  were true, there would be a lot of blind, insane, small and smelly people with hairy palms and acne walking around. Most old wives’ tales contain exaggerated or simply false claims. The “wives” […]

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Sell Water to the Irish….?

Water is cool, yes it’s hard to believe but yes, water is hip.  The more volcanic, alpine or Himalayian it is the trendier the water.  Harvested from cascading waterfalls in bamboo lined buckets by carefree indigenous peasants who then bottle it for our pleasure. Tap water doesn’t cut it anymore. Why fill a bottle from […]

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