The “Nanny State” …. Collective well-being!

Do you ever just drive and forget to put on your seatbelt? My car doesn’t make that annoying beeping sound to remind me, but I usually have two incessant “beep-beeps” behind me that are champions of road safety and remind me to  buckle up. But I didn’t have them with me last Monday evening as […]

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Mine is long and curved, and indispensable.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some are long but others are short and stocky. Some even have lumps and bumps. Mine is long and curved from wear and overuse, and my wife cringes when I take it out in the sitting room and she has to listen to moans and groans.  But my […]

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Running from a “Midlife Crisis”

Runners tend to get used to people thinking they’re weird. The lifestyle and the “Why?” can be baffling for non-runners. They find the  embracing of suffering, the punishing of the body   and self-discipline all too strange and difficult to grasp. So like other runners I take the funny remarks and the jibes in my stride. […]

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