It’s Free!!

Life seems meaningless, everything is bleak, and you have a complete existential dilemma over the complete pointlessness of your chosen career path……. It comes down like a thick fog, disconnecting the brain from the eyes and hands. Work slows to a halt, concentration dwindles and yawns are half hidden. The natural body clock is saying, “Sleep, now!” […]

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Repair or replace?

It is now much easier to replace things than to repair them. There has been a massive shift in our culture, my parents’ generation had an avid repair industry driven by the attitude ,mentality and necessity of “make do and mend”.  They were forced to develop practical “life skills” and try to fix things. Sure, […]

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The minimilist life

I need some life editing.  There has been a powerful consumer drive in me for most of my life with the result that I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” – possessions that I didn’t really need and still don’t. Now don’t get me wrong I have worked hard to buy these things but cleaning […]

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