Meditation is more than the latest millennial fad.

Don’t mess with a “millennials” avocado toast. For some this “avocado toast” represents everything that’s wrong with this Instagram obsessed generation. But all that millennials bring may not all be bad, in seeking to restore order and balance to their tech besotted lives millennials have embraced Meditation. It has become nearly as trendy as smashed […]

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We all need a “Brazilian Prune”

Blog courtesy  of Joanne Dowds (clinical specialist physiotherapist) Living on the rim of CBD of Dublin, the middle of  an urban centre there aren’t to0 many green areas, my house has a tiny paved outside patio about the size of an international stamp. It’s in a collection of terraces over looked by new high-rises whether they […]

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The First Pancake

Some things are inevitable, no matter how hard you try or how many different ways you attempt it, the first pancake is always destined to fail. It’s never round, Its uglier than the rest, chewier and burnt on one side. Miles are like pancakes – the first one is always a disaster. The first mile […]

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