Marathon nerves?

You’ve been googling strange things like which lubricant is best, buying new  fancy gear and suffering from performance anxiety and paranoia. Your wives, husbands and partners are sick of listening to you. They just want it to end. If you’re running the 40th Dublin marathon this Sunday don’t be nervous, there’s no need,  because it’s […]

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The “Begrudgery” of rivalry.

Do you have a nemesis? Most of us come across someone who rubs us up the wrong way, in all walks of our life there’s always somebody that causes an unexplained irritation. Everybody needs a rival to hate.  Not in the nasty sense, but rather in the “boil our blood” kind of way. There’s an […]

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Young people marched en masse inspired by Greta. The child led uprising has unprecedented momentum and is happening on a global scale. Generation Z is on the move rebelling against “Inevitable extinction”, wearing the latest Nike and adidas runners whilst documenting everything on the newest iPhone and uploading it to every available social media outlet […]

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