Flatulence whilst queuing is generally frowned upon, I’m not saying I’ve done it but I have noticed it gets an awkward reaction in the line. If it does happen I’ve been advised  that the best option is to ignore it, because generally people will be more concerned that you think they let it slip. We’ve […]

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I’m Preparing for defeat as my wife takes up running again

Life can get very funny,  even a bit strange when you’re with kids all day every day. We can’t even offload them to the grandparents anymore. I know the corona virus is scary but try facing a 5 year old at 9.30am on a Monday morning  who’s dressed in his spiderman outfit, is fully convinced […]

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We’re not Designed for Social Distancing.

There’s been some strange realisations during this lockdown. The main one being my wife’s hair is not what she’s claimed it has been for the last 21 years. Maybe the spike in divorce rates in Wuhan after their lockdown should have served as a warning to the rest of the world! My kids are great, […]

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