Don’t fake it!

Most of us  focus on the physical reactions— the rush of blood , the tightening muscles , even the involuntary contractions, the grunts and groans, the heavy breathing — as the signs of it. While psychologists look to the emotional and cognitive changes that accompany it,  the blast of  dopamine to the brain may even cause […]

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’tis the season for forced family fun ……

Carols, gifts, open fires, scrooge, stockings, stuffing, mulled wine, turkey and tinsel are all Christmas traditions, but what really  defines Christmas is the annual Christmas family row. Sharing the same house, the same bathroom and having to put up with young children galloping around the place causes  family disharmony – screaming and tears and often […]

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“look for solutions rather than complain about problems”

Blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds End of November, its properly dark, waking up to thrumping of heavy rain on the roof and the wind rattling through the roof tiles. It is horrible weather; I don’t mind it too much I am generally feeling content, it could even be described as happy.   A few weeks ago […]

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