Blog courtesy of Joanne Dowds (physiotherapist) I am just finishing up a course…yup another one…perennial student yadayada. As part of the most recent academic adventure, I did a piece of work on social capital. It was a new one on me. Social capital is the networks and relationships between people who live or work together, […]

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Conversation is at the Centre of Community

There are a number of things that are unique about Ireland –  the national anthem is still played to end nights  in regional nightclubs across the country, “I’ll ring liveline” is a valid threat and we are all amateur meteorologists. But arguably, the Irish ability to  chat is just about as unique as it gets, […]

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No such thing as a stupid question?

Runners get asked some silly questions by non – running friends all the time, it’s easy to get dragged into  a hearty debate, but luckily most runners have developed stock answers to avoid conflict. “You ran a marathon? How far was it?” …. It was 26.2 miles, a marathon is always 26.2 miles! Did you […]

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