Did The “Low Price” runners work??

No ……….. No they didn’t. But why didn’t they? Was it the runners (http://kehoephysio.me/2015/01/28/the-low-priced-runners-arrived/) or did I ever believe it was possible that they would be as “good” as my  more expensive  runners. I covered just under 300km in the cheaper runners – I gave them a chance! But I started getting bilateral achilles pain, […]

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Race Report : Connemarathon Half “Hell in a Headwind”

Date: Sunday 6/04/13 Start Time: Noon Number of Runners: 2000 ish Weather Conditions: Beyond Freezing and what felt like a gale-force headwind!!! Route difficulty : incredibly challenging, a real test. Chip Time: 1hr 35min 59secs (average pace 7m 16secs) Position: 61st Overall impression : The Connemarathon half is a unique isolated course and for that […]

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