Did The “Low Price” runners work??

No ……….. No they didn’t. But why didn’t they? Was it the runners (http://kehoephysio.me/2015/01/28/the-low-priced-runners-arrived/) or did I ever believe it was possible that they would be as “good” as my  more expensive  runners. I covered just under 300km in the cheaper runners – I gave them a chance! But I started getting bilateral achilles pain, […]

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“I’ve had bad days but I had never DNF’d”

Experiencing a bad day in a marathon or a long run is a lonely, painful place to be –  isolated and alone with only the road in front of you. I entered the Dublin City Marathon because I retired from rugby and I had some unfinished business from my last marathon in 2012 – I  had […]

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“Choose the Challenge” – even chartered physios get injured.

Being injured sucks. Aside from the initial pain, it’s the need for patience while the residual soreness, stiffness and weakness recovers. A while ago I would have welcomed the lack of choice in taking a rest day but resting now just makes me impatiently furious. Anyone who knows me well, will recognise the deranged look […]

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