“You Never Smell Your Own”

Apparently you never smell your own, the sense of smell adapts quickly so you won’t smell it after the first couple of minutes, but once you leave the area you readjust and on returning it hits you with a bang. Luckily for me, smells that your nose encounters regularly aren’t as obnoxious. Most people think that their own doesn’t stink. But it’s all an illusion; we simply become accustomed and desensitised to things that are familiar. The brain actually adapts to bad smells, if it didn’t, it would be overloaded by the constant sensory input. However the reaction to scent varies. In fact the sense of smell may to be linked to personality traits – people who are more uptight are more sensitive to bad smells (Seo et al., 2013) Unfortunately for my wife women consistently out-perform men on all tests of smelling ability (Sergeant, 2010; Novakova et al., 2013). But I love my old running shoes and I’m keeping them no matter how badly they smell!

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Most Recovery Methods Cut Very Little Ice

Standing at the top of the stairs wondering how I will get to the bottom in one piece …… sideways, walking backwards and the piggy back from my wife have all been ruled out. Molly believes the solution is obvious and shows me how to slide down on my bum. “It is the only option” […]

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“Choose the Challenge” – even chartered physios get injured.

Being injured sucks. Aside from the initial pain, it’s the need for patience while the residual soreness, stiffness and weakness recovers. A while ago I would have welcomed the lack of choice in taking a rest day but resting now just makes me impatiently furious. Anyone who knows me well, will recognise the deranged look […]

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