Most Recovery Methods Cut Very Little Ice

Standing at the top of the stairs wondering how I will get to the bottom in one piece …… sideways, walking backwards and the piggy back from my wife have all been ruled out. Molly believes the solution is obvious and shows me how to slide down on my bum. “It is the only option” […]

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“I’ve had bad days but I had never DNF’d”

Experiencing a bad day in a marathon or a long run is a lonely, painful place to be –  isolated and alone with only the road in front of you. I entered the Dublin City Marathon because I retired from rugby and I had some unfinished business from my last marathon in 2012 – I  had […]

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Race Report : Connemarathon Half “Hell in a Headwind”

Date: Sunday 6/04/13 Start Time: Noon Number of Runners: 2000 ish Weather Conditions: Beyond Freezing and what felt like a gale-force headwind!!! Route difficulty : incredibly challenging, a real test. Chip Time: 1hr 35min 59secs (average pace 7m 16secs) Position: 61st Overall impression : The Connemarathon half is a unique isolated course and for that […]

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